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Updated: Oct 18, 2023


So many people over the years have asked me how I get business, after all doesn't everyone book online. Every time I hear this I laugh and shake my head as my team and I and many other Travel Advisors’ had thriving businesses (prior to Covid of course) based on being an expert and providing personalized service. I believe when the travel industry rebounds it will be stronger than ever and my team and myself will be very busy. When Covid arrived, many online clients found themselves out in the cold waiting hours and hours on 1-800 lines with no service in sight. At MLS Custom Travel we took care of everything for our clients, cancelling, rebooking, refunding, dealing with insurance and a navigating unknown which was new territory to all of us.

Exclusively for you


1) WORRY-FREE PLANNING – As a professional, my team and I take all the stress and hassle out of planning your trip. Our team has personally visited over 60 countries and 6 continents we have valuable personal experiences and knowledge that can help you quickly decide on where to go, how to get there (the best flight options), where to stay and what to do. It comes naturally to us as this is what we do. Why spend tedious hours and hours researching and hoping you are planning a good trip when we are just a phone call or email away.


2) KNOWLEDGE – If you are looking for suggestions on where to get the best hot chocolate in Prague or the where the perfectly located hotel is, or how you can experience a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience, my team and I have you covered! We act quickly should an unforeseen situation arise before or during your vacation. We are here to assist you on every step of your journey.


3) HEALTH & SAFETY – Knowing all of the new health and safety protocols for destination around the world is more important now more than ever. We have spent countless hours keeping up to date with these everchanging protocols and have the tools at our fingertips to ensure you have the most up-to-date information before you set off on your adventure.

Safe Travel

4) NO SURPRISES – We make sure that you know all you need to know in advance; you won’t be surprised by any additional charges that may show up later. We are well trained to read complex travel codes and interpret jargon so we can make sense of all the fine print for you.

Baby Kangaroo

5) ADDED VALUE – We have access to exclusive perks and promotions that you can’t get by booking on your own. We know that your trip is made up of unique experiences, and therefore go out of our way to find just the right activities and off-the beaten path excursions that you won’t easily find in guidebooks.

Best Destination

6) GROUP EXPERTS – Group travel is complicated and at MLS Custom Travel we are well positioned and trained to handle large groups with various needs and special requests. We take care of all the logistics and details and all the professional care that is needed in handling the group. Imagine having a single point of contact for anything you will need instead of dealing with multiple suppliers at once!

Great Places

7) BENEFIT FROM OUR CONNECTIONS – Working with us gives you access to our many important connections. Part of our job is networking with key players in the travel and tourism industry to build lasting relationships and have someone to call on if we need to escalate a situation. MLS Custom Travel is part of the Virtuoso Luxury Network. Virtuoso Advisors are more likely to enhance your trip with some unexpected moments, like a surprise bottle of champagne upon arrival or a last-minute suite upgrade.


8) CUSTOMER SERVICE – We are caring and provide the human touch element that you would not find from an online booking site on the internet. When you work with us, we are with you not just for the duration of your trip but all the times in between, before and after your trip. We will advocate for you if a situation arises and can get the right people faster to ensure that your plans stay on track. You are never on your own and we are just a phone call or email away!

Good Service

9) SUPPORT LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS – Did you know we are all independent contractors running our own businesses? It is a well-known fact that, like so many other small and family-owned businesses, travel advisors are hurting due to the pandemic and are in need of support from the same people whom they’ve helped over the years. Supporting your local travel advisor is just another way to support local small businesses and help reignite the local economy.


10) WE WORK FOR YOU! – We plan your trips with accuracy and attention to detail. We will give our honest opinion and will provide you with recommendations that give you the best value for your budget.

Happy Traveller

It makes sense to entrust your most valuable asset – your time – to an experienced travel advisor.

Reach out to us at MLS Custom Travel and let our expertise take the guesswork out of planning your next vacation!

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