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Discovering Delights: The Discerning Traveler's Guide to Offbeat Adventures in Ireland, Scotland, and England

Embark on a curated journey through the lush landscapes and storied histories of England, Ireland, and Scotland. In this guide, we uncover the hidden treasures that define luxury and enchantment in three extraordinary destinations – Ellenborough Park in England, Ashford Castle in Ireland, and Glenapp Castle in Scotland. Each of these distinguished retreats, recognized as Virtuoso Hotels, invites discerning travelers to delve into the seamless blend of opulence, history, and natural beauty that sets them apart.


Ellenborough Park - A Regal Retreat in the Heart of England


Ellenborough Park Suite

Nestled amid the serene and picturesque Cotswolds countryside, Ellenborough Park extends a heartfelt invitation to travelers, offering a harmonious blend of historical allure and contemporary opulence. As we embark on this immersive journey, we'll delve deep into the exquisite tapestry of Ellenborough Park, where every thread tells a story of regal history, tranquil activities, delectable cuisine, and the enchanting charm of the Cotswolds. Together, we shall unveil the distinctive attributes that elevate Ellenborough Park into an exceptional retreat nestled in the heart of England.

  • Ellenborough Park's legacy is steeped in history, harking back to its origins as a royal hunting estate. Since then, it has undergone a remarkable transformation into a luxurious hotel while preserving its regal heritage. Guests have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the property's historical tapestry, feeling the echoes of hunts and grand gatherings that once graced these hallowed halls. The elegant corridors and grandeur of the estate evoke a sense of the past, inviting us to relive the days of aristocratic splendor.

  • The array of activities available at Ellenborough Park offers a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. From indulgent spa treatments that soothe the senses to leisurely strolls through the idyllic countryside that surrounds the estate, every moment becomes an opportunity to unwind and fully embrace the tranquil ambiance of the Cotswolds. Guests find solace in the gentle rustling of leaves and the serenity that envelops the estate.

Ellenborough Park Wine2

  • The culinary journey at Ellenborough Park's restaurants is nothing short of a testament to the zenith of British gastronomy. Each dish is a masterpiece, expertly crafted from the finest local ingredients, showcasing the culinary artistry that defines this retreat. Dining becomes an experience in itself, with exquisite flavors and presentations that elevate the palate, inviting guests to savor the essence of the Cotswolds through their taste buds.

  • Ellenborough Park's location within the Cotswolds grants easy access to a treasure trove of nearby attractions. The historic town of Cheltenham, renowned for its culture and shopping, beckons exploration, offering a glimpse into modern-day Cotswold life. Nearby Sudeley Castle, a splendid Tudor-era gem nestled in the heart of the countryside, unveils layers of England's rich history, inviting visitors to step back in time. For nature enthusiasts, the Cotswold Wildlife Park is a delightful destination, featuring a diverse array of animals and a firm commitment to conservation, ensuring an educational and entertaining experience for all.


Ashford Castle - A Fairytale in the West of Ireland


Ashford Bird - MLS Custom Travel

My personal connection to Ashford Castle runs deep, as I've had the privilege of experiencing its magic firsthand. Walking through the castle's grand entrance is like stepping into another world and time, a sensation that never fails to enchant. Nestled serenely along the breathtaking shores of Lough Corrib in County Mayo, Ashford Castle stands as a testament to elegance and refinement. This 800-year-old castle has undergone meticulous restoration and transformation into a world-class luxury hotel, all while preserving its remarkable historic grandeur. Let’s uncover the timeless allure that is Ashford Castle:

Ashford View

  • The captivating history of Ashford Castle, which traces its origins from medieval times to its present-day status as a pinnacle of luxury hospitality.

  • An extraordinary adventure that I hold dear to my heart: falconry. I had the incredible experience of flying my own Harris Hawk through the castle's falconry school, a remarkable treat for any animal lover and adventure seeker.

Ashford Tea

  • The delight of high tea, a cherished ritual at Ashford Castle. The elegance and attention to detail in the service and presentation of the tea were simply unparalleled.

  • Exploring the enchanting woodlands surrounding the castle with guided walks that revealed the natural beauty of the estate.

  • Savoring the culinary delights of the George V Dining Room, where each dish is a masterpiece of flavor and presentation, showcasing the finest ingredients Ireland has to offer.

  • Venturing beyond the castle's walls to discover nearby attractions, such as the rugged beauty of Connemara National Park and the charming village of Cong, forever etched in my memory as the backdrop for the beloved film "The Quiet Man."

Glenapp Castle - A Highland Retreat in Scotland


Glennapp Castle Suite

Glenapp Castle holds a special place in my heart, not just as a traveler but as a host to many cherished guests who've joined me in exploring this extraordinary Scottish haven. Tucked away on the captivating Ayrshire coastline of southwest Scotland, Glenapp Castle is a hidden gem cocooned within 36 acres of lush gardens and enchanting woodlands. The captivating history of Glenapp Castle unravels like a tale from a bygone era. Its Victorian origins and subsequent transformation into a luxurious hotel offer a glimpse into the evolution of this remarkable place. My guests and I have marveled at the architectural splendors and historical nuances that grace every corner of the castle.  Join me as we embark on a journey to uncover the experiences and memories that make Glenapp Castle an incomparable destination:

Glennapp Castle Bird
  • The wealth of outdoor activities available at Glenapp is a testament to the estate's natural beauty. I've had the privilege of partaking in clay pigeon shooting, feeling the rush of excitement as we aimed for precision amidst the serene Scottish landscape. Horse riding through the scenic trails has been another highlight, allowing my guests and me to connect with the countryside on a deeper level. And the exploration of the local coastal paths, with their rugged beauty and panoramic vistas, has always been a cherished adventure.

  • The dining experience at Glenapp's AA Rosette-awarded restaurant is nothing short of a culinary masterpiece. From the first bite of the finest Scottish produce to the impeccable service, every meal has been a celebration of gastronomic excellence shared with dear friends and fellow travelers.

  • Beyond the castle's enchanting borders, we've ventured to nearby attractions that have left lasting impressions. The awe-inspiring Culzean Castle, perched dramatically on a cliff, offers a glimpse into Scotland's rich heritage. Exploring the mystical Isle of Arran, known as "Scotland in Miniature," has been an adventure in itself, uncovering its diverse landscapes and vibrant culture. And for golf enthusiasts among my guests, the world-renowned Ailsa Championship Golf Course has provided the ultimate golfing experience with breathtaking views of the Firth of Clyde.

Glennapp Castle Tea

"The Discerning Traveler's Guide to Off the Beaten Path in England, Ireland, and Scotland" highlights the extraordinary experiences awaiting those who seek luxury, history, and natural beauty in these three remarkable countries. Ashford Castle, Glenapp Castle, and Ellenborough Park, as Virtuoso Hotels, offer discerning travelers an unparalleled opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich heritage and stunning landscapes of these regions. Whether you're exploring ancient castles, indulging in world-class cuisine, or simply savoring the tranquility of the countryside, these hidden gems are sure to leave you with cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


Your Royalty Vacation Awaits!


Elevate your travel experience beyond the conventional – the journey to Ellenborough Park, Ashford Castle, and Glenapp Castle awaits. For an exclusive and tailor-made itinerary, don't hesitate to reach out to your dedicated MLS Custom Travel advisor. Our team is poised to curate an extraordinary escape crafted to your preferences and desires.


Contact your MLS Custom Travel advisor now to initiate the planning of your bespoke royal vacation. Immerse yourself in the opulence, history, and natural beauty that define these Virtuoso Hotels. Your discerning travel adventure begins with a simple inquiry – seize the opportunity to explore off the beaten path in England, Ireland, and Scotland, and indulge in a vacation fit for royalty.


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