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Michele Smith

Owner/Travel Advisor, MLS Custom Travel

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My Story

Michele Smith, the dynamic owner, and lead travel advisor of MLS Custom Travel, brings a unique and passionate approach to the world of luxury travel. Her dedication to creating bespoke travel experiences has established MLS Custom Travel as a premier agency for discerning travelers.

Michele Smith's story is one of diverse experiences shaping a unique and successful career path. Her journey into the world of travel began at a young age when she was discovered and became one of New York City's top child models. This early exposure to the industry, working with various companies in both print and television, not only ignited her love for travel but also gave her a taste of different cultures and the complexities of the travel world.

Michele's early work experience in various environments laid the foundation for her impressive 30-year career at IBM Canada. In her capacity as a senior executive, she sharpened her abilities in leadership, strategic development, project coordination, and building client relationships. Michele's time in the fast-paced tech industry taught her the importance of innovation, adaptability, and understanding complex systems — key skills for the travel and tourism sector.

Drawing on this wealth of experiences, Michele founded MLS Custom Travel in 2013. Her extensive corporate background, coupled with her early passion for travel and cultural experiences, uniquely positioned her to lead a custom travel business. Her approach to travel services is informed by her business acumen and personal insights into the travel industry, allowing her to offer personalized and sophisticated travel experiences.

Michele Smith's evolution from a prominent child model to a corporate leader, and eventually to the successful owner of a custom travel company, is a testament to how a combination of professional experiences and personal passions can lead to exceptional expertise in the travel industry.

Innovative and Personalized Travel Planning: Michele's approach to travel planning is deeply personal and client-focused. She understands that every traveler has their own set of preferences and dreams, and she excels at tailoring journeys that perfectly align with their desires. Whether it's arranging a private tour in a remote destination or securing a stay at a luxurious hotel, Michele's attention to detail is unparalleled.

Global Expertise: With a wealth of knowledge gained from extensive travels and industry experience, Michele has developed an expertise in a wide range of travel styles. From relaxing beach vacations and cultural city tours to adventurous expeditions and luxurious cruises, her ability to craft diverse and enriching itineraries is a testament to her versatility as a travel advisor.

Commitment to Excellence: At the core of Michele’s work ethic is a commitment to providing the highest level of service. She and her team at MLS Custom Travel go above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of a trip is skillfully executed, offering clients peace of mind and unforgettable travel experiences.

Building Lasting Relationships: Michele values the importance of building strong relationships with her clients. She takes the time to understand their travel histories, preferences, and future aspirations. This client-centric approach has led to a loyal clientele who trust her insights and recommendations.

A Passion for Travel: Michele's love for travel goes beyond her professional role. She is constantly exploring new destinations, seeking out unique experiences, and staying abreast of the latest travel trends. This personal passion for discovery and adventure shines through in every itinerary she designs.

Whether planning a once-in-a-lifetime adventure or a much-needed getaway, Michele Smith's expertise and personal touch make her an invaluable asset to any traveler seeking a bespoke and memorable journey.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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